Turi Catarratto 2018, Sicily, Italy


Salvatore Marino makes all of his wonderful wine in Pacino, Sicily. 

100% Catarratto, the wine is fermented in steel with 4 days of skin contact. This adds a wonderful texture to the wine along with a cracking saline kick from the vineyards, brilliant bright fruit and bags of preserved lemon. 

Salvatore (Turi) started his project in 2017, beginning with a love for the vineyard, respect for tradition, the soil and it’s natural balance. He comes from five generations of viticulturists.

Turi respects bio-diversity and follows the lunar calendar, harvesting when the time is right, by hand, with hoe and scissors. Only using organic manure and green manuring for fermentation.

He produces incredibly fine, balanced and clean wines with the minimal intervention he sees possible.