Soco Vinicola Blanco 2020, Tenerife, Spain


Soco Viticulture Blanco 2020 - Lanzarote, Spain

A wine with an explosive tendency. No, not the wine itself, the island it comes from. This is a vibrant, heady yet deep white, made from Listan Blanco, Diego and Mavasia from the black island of Lanzarote. The volcanic soils add an edge and coupled with the natural wine making (indigenous yeast, minimal intervention) create a wine we adore.

Lanzarote is only 90km from the Western Sahara desert and has annual rainfall averaging only 100 litres per square metre; vine growing is only possible at this latitude thanks to the rofe, which traps in moisture. Traditional hand dug pits called hoyos each protect a solitary vine from the strong desert winds, whilst letting the roots reach the fertile volcanic soil below, and capturing humidity from the always present dew. Soco are the semicircular volcanic stone walls built around the hoyo, further sheltering the vines from the wind. These tremendously functional sculptures take painstaking manual work to keep in perfect condition throughout the year.