NV Angelino Maule Garg'N'Go Pet Nat, Veneto, Italy

Size: Bottle

Grapes - 100% Garganega

Region - Veneto, North East Italy

What it tastes like - A slight haze remains in the bottle which adds to the minerality of the wine. Soft apricots and acacia honey give this more structure than Prosecco but it still retains that refreshing zing.

Winemaking - 100% organic, biodynamic and natural. Fermented in stainless steel, there is no fining or filtering and very little human interaction.

Producer - La Biancara was started in 1988 by husband-and-wife Angiolino and Rosamaria Maule. At the beginning of 80s, they bought a plot of land in the hills of Sorio di Gambellara, where they built their house and winery. Both in vineyard and in cellar, nature is the core idea of their personal wine philosophy. A truly influential figure in Italy and the natural wine scene, Angiolino is the founder of VINNATUR, an association composed by 130 small businesses, as well as his winery, which supports the natural wine cause.