2019 JF Coutelou La Buvette a Paulette, Langeudoc, France


The Coutelou Domaine is situated a few kilometres from Bezier, in the Languedoc. Farming only 13ha, JF has farmed organically and biodynamically since inception but believes in more than doing something just for certification. This is a way of life, a calling a passion.

The "La Buvette a Paulette" cuvee is made from blend of Merlot, Syrah & Mouvedre. Winemaking is very "natural" in that he lets nature take its course. No added anything and no taking anything out.

In the glass this is a sun drenched, black fruit adorned blessing. Bags of mixed herbs reminiscent of wandering aimlessly through the south of France round it out with a lovely lick of pepper and spice.