2018 Rousset-Martin Savagnin Cuvee du Professeur


This is Savagnin made in the Ouille Style. non-Oxidative, and from later-harvest grapes that were just beginning to show a purple tinge (Savagnin is related to Gewurztraminer, and both grapes deliver hauntingly complex aromas and flavours at this stage).

The wine shows a lovely balance of delicate floral notes and a heart of rich deep savoriness. A hint of salty twang on the finish. Not to be missed.

Francois Rousset is producing some of the most captivating wines in the Jura right now, of that there is no doubt. Recent bottles consumed have further confirmed this and the glacial pace with which his white wines age; these are wines that seemingly transcend time. Francois first caught the wine-bug growing up in Burgundy where his father was a micro-biologist for the Hospices de Beaune. Childhood trips were spent in the Jura getting to know and falling in love with a parcel of family vines which he would later vinify with his father. After earning an oenology degree and continuing his journey in the southern Rhone and Languedoc regions, he returned to his Jurassian roots and in 2007 officially launched his winery. While his scientific background provides Francois with a literal understanding of the transformation from grape to wine, he is most influenced by keen intuition, and winemaking lore passed down from his great grandfather, also a winemaker.