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Free Delivery within 10 miles of Good Brothers Wine Bar

Producer Profile - Vega Aixala

The vega aixala family work the vineyards

In a land rich with almost ten centuries of winemaking history, this winery stands out because it restored grape farming to a corner of Conca de Barberà from which this practice had disappeared.
The Vega Aixalà winery is a family dream that became a reality: it was founded in 2003 after recovering and rebuilding grandfather’s old vineyard on the outskirts of Vilanova de Prades.

A vintner stands with a bunch of red grapes in a sunny vineyard

From a young age, the family grew up watching how wine was traditionally made, and coming back to this project has both changed their lives and returned them to their roots.

The vineyards are located 2,800 to 3,000 feet above sea level, in a stark landscape made of “llicorella” (slate) and beautiful natural surroundings, with a continental climate. They hand-pick the grapes and the process is truly artisanal: they create high-quality wines with personality, wines you’ll fall in love with. They produce limited-production organic wine and natural wines. They have opted for aging in amphoras and oak barrels to enhance the personality of each of the wines, while intervening as little as possible. Consistency is what defines the project.

A smiling woman holds up a bunch of red grapes

Their ancestral sparkling wine is a reflection of their natural wine philosophy: it has a single fermentation, since it is bottled before the alcoholic fermentation is complete. The disgorging takes place later, to remove the sediment remaining in the bottle from the fermentation. The loss of product from the disgorging is supplemented with wine. That’s it.