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Free Delivery within 10 miles of Good Brothers Wine Bar
Free Delivery within 10 miles of Good Brothers Wine Bar

Producer Profile - Pasamayo

Ignacio and Alejandra of paralelo 37

Paralelo 37 was started in 2019 by Alejandra and Ignacio when they decided to change radically their way of life. They left behind a big, polluted city for the silent fields of Granada. They also left behind corporative jobs in the office for rubber boots and mud. They searched for a way to be in harmony with their values and to be able to pass them to their children. They wanted a life more which are more in touch with nature and its rhythms, in which they could enjoy quality time and family love. That’s why Paralelo 37 is not only a winery but is also a life project. They were 37 when they began this adventure , and when they realized that the land passesd through the the 37th latitude, it all made sense!

The vineyard (10 Acres) is located at Sierra Nevada’s north face, a few miles from the National Park, in the town of Cortes y Graena, about 110m above sea level. They have great silty, sandy and clay soils known locally as RUBIAL. Thanks to the abundant presence of quartz and slate in this soil, minerality is a distinctive quality in the wines.

The Sierra Nevada covered in snow

They treat the vineyard in organic manner. In order to contribute nitrogen to the soil they manage a seasonal crop cover. When the moment is right they turn it into green fertilizer by mowing or ploughing. The labour depends on the block’s soil structure. The policy is maximum respect to Pachamama but without falling in zealotry. Each block is unique, so this philosophy also applies to irrigation. Some blocks are irrigated once a year, others a little bit more and others are dry farmed. This depends on the soil composition, sun exposure and wind. The water supply comes from Sierra Nevada’s thaw, and reaches the blocks through an ancient Arabic irrigation canal.

map of paralelo 37 vineayrd

They believe in viticulture as a way of expression and as an exercise of responsibility.
Responsibility with the environment as well as the consumer. The wine is artisanal made, hand bottled. They use native yeasts and no additives. They do not use albumin to clarify neither does any other animal component during all the elaboration or packaging process.