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Free Delivery within 10 miles of Good Brothers Wine Bar
Free Delivery within 10 miles of Good Brothers Wine Bar

Producer Profile - Orly Lumbreras

Orly Lumbreras, the winemaker, signs his correspondence with “Passion & Emotion” and it perfectly captures his connection to his land, the vines it grows and wines he makes. In an altitude of 1,000 meters above sea level, this is the highest vineyard in Sierra de Gredos.

Orly Lumbreras vineyards from afar

A wild territory, untamed and unforgiving, everything that exists there is essential. These old vines produce Grenache that is concentrated in flavour and produces juicy red wines like no other Grenache. All that Orly needs to do is to continue the flow of pure passion & Emotion into the bottle. The wines are superb. Another successful grape in Sierra De Gredos is the Albillo real that is used to produce a unique white and orange wines.

Orly inspecting a bunch of grapes on a bush vine

Sierra De Gredos is one of the most talked-about winemaking landscapes between wine connoisseurs and is in the process of becoming a controlled geographical location in Spain